A lot of people seem to not know what makes a good signet, so here are some tips on the types of stats to look.

These signets, know as [ Massacre Signet[Oora] ], are known for their elemental resistance and HP. But, since Widu signets also have HP, your best option would be to focus on the resistances.

If you chose to go with a resistance you are weak against (for example, rangers needing Oora resistance), I would reccomend not bothering unless you can get a 3-4 stat of that resistance. Otherwise it's not worth it.

If you chose to go with a resistance you are strong against (for example, dragoons and unda resistance), a 2-stat is all you need. This way you can get a mixed signet with multiple resistances and be a bit well rounded.

However, personally, I go with 3 different resistance signets to switch around in various PVP situations. I have an Oora resistance, a Pyra resistance, and an Unda resistance. I switch them out depending on who I am fighting.

The most versatile signet class is know as [ Incarnation Signet[Widu] ] and has a large variety of important stats for any build. This signet comes with any combination of Defense, Resistance, HP, Critcast Evasion Rate, Critcast Evasion Chance, and Resilience.

If you are a Dragoon, you obviously want Resistance. At least two stats with 150+ on each stat. For possessing for any class, defense is the way to go if you don't 1-2 shot mobs in your spot. For this, a 1-2 stat 150+ def is good as well.

Critcast evasion rate, as many have become confused by, is a defense against the crit damage you receive. For example, if someone's CCD is 200% and you have a 10% CCER signet, they will crit 190% on you (don't quote me on this, but it's just an example. IDK the calculation.)

Critcast evasion chance, however, is a percent that reduces your chances of being crit on. For example, if someone's CCR is 50% and you have a CCEC signet of 5%, they will only crit you 45% of the time (don't quote me on this, but it's just an example. IDK the calculation.).

Resilience is a very valuable stat for those in resilience builds. A standar resil build signet would have double stat resil of at least +5.

Last, but not least, if you aren't focusing on any of these stats, HP is the best way to go.

This signet class, known as [ Stillness Signet[Unda] ], covers HP, STR/INT, single INT stats, and DEF/RESIST.

Again for possessing, Defense is good, and again for goons, resistance stats as before, HP for no particular build.

Int is a good focus for just about anyone for damage. A good Unda int sig would have at least two int stats. One that I use has 150 INT/STR, 165 INT/STR, and 169 INT. Personally, I have two unda signets, one for INT and one for DEF that I switch for possessing.

This signet class is known as [ Passion Signet[Pyra] ] and covers Affinity, INT/STR, CCD, and CCR. Most people go for INT and Affinity, but CCD and CCR are great if you have those stats on Destiny gear or DS.

Affinity is self explanitory. If you seek to increase your current affinity damage, chose your natural affinities. If you need to increase an affinity (for example pyra or widu for d9), find a signet that has those. It is reccomended that if you focus on a specific affinity to get a double stat +5 at least on your chosen affinity.

INT/STR, already covered in previous signet. 2-3 stat is recommended here, if not 4.

Last, but not least, the [ Finale Signet[Erda] ] has three stats: CSR, INT/STR, and Movement Speed. However, unless you are a goon, Critstrike Rate is basically useless.

INT/STR, already covered in previous signet. 2-3 stat is recommended here, if not 4.

Movement Speed is actually very valuable in casual PVP. It increases your ground movement speed (it really does!) by whatever it says. However, its very hard to find a decent one. The best one I have yet seen was +0.5 and +0.3 MS on one signet. This is highly recommended for rouges simply b/c the invis skill reduces speed so much.

Since this is also an important part of signets. This can increase: affinity, defense, resistance, HP, CCR, CSR, INT, and STR. The current highest signet slot is 2, and you cannot yet increase slots, so try to get two slots in all your signets. These slots can make up for lack of a stat, or make a good statted signet even better (for example, you can make a two stat INT sig into a three stat INT sig with two slots!).

Look for: affinity stones called Aesthetic Stone - [Element here], Spiritual Mind Stone (INT), Tiger Growl Stone (STR), Heavensack Stone (HP), Dragonlord Stone (CSR), Demonlord Stone (CCR), Protection Stone (DEF), Flawless Stone (RESIST)!

Please feel free to ask question! I'm sure I missed something!