Giude Maven

Today I thought would be a good idea to make a guide about maven. I’m a starter, I’m playing ESO for 10 days and I thought a guide for a maven would be very good because I played all the the characters till lvl 30 and the best one pve/pvp was the Maven(for me).
First things to know about Maven
I would say that a maven is a very good choise because he has that first skill [skill name] and the buff[buff] that are the only good skills untill lvl 75.
When you start the game you’ll have a quest chain that starts from[….name]. DO IT. It will give you armour and weapon that are very good as you start the game. The quest chain usually ups
you to lv 8-11 I can’t remember. After the quests are done you’ll need new quests to level. Easly to find quest you click Q and the “Avaible Quests”. Most important and high experience quests are “Training Quests” and don’t forget about “Ethyr Quests” that gives you Ethyr Skills.
After you started and got the game how it works you’ll need to get skills. For getting skills press K and there you’ll have all your skills.
So if you make a Maven remember to invest your spirits only in the[skill name] and [buff name]. Don’t waste your spirits in the other skills. If you need spirits for skills or upgrading weapons a very good way to farm(get/obtain) them is[dungeon name].That’s a dungeon and there you also have the mission “Proof of Defeat” taken from Ziola. You can farm there spirits until level 23. So that’s a very good way to get around 60k spirits just killing the mobs(monsters). If you want to avoid the first boss just walk near the right wall.

Help passing the levels
If you ever get stuck between lvls 18-19--22-23 don’t give up. Change on Realm 8 and teleport in the portal that’s in Pokari. After you teleported, in your left part will be 3 agents. The quests that are taken from them in short are called “occ quests”. You can take 3 that are very easy to do and you’ll get 6 event tokens(et), 2 per quest.
After you reach lv 22-23 and so on you’ll get quests that will level you up. And also remember to check your mailbox at each 24 hours. You’ll receive 6 event tokens(et) that are very helpful.
And also after level 30 you’ll get different daily quests that first one beeing at Ziola and in future General Uree and Zurin and When. They give a high amount of experience distributed on level. So don’t forget to make them if youw ant to level fast.
How to lvl fast to 100 :P
If you ever got bored of quests(as me) you can give up around level 60+ and do Twisted Moon(45-100). That’s a dungeon made of 20 waves of monsters and if you use double experience you can get around 270 mil exp. Don’t think this experience is free. You have to get the Key Gift Pack(45-100). You can get it from shops or Heaven Repository with E-bucks. It costs just 1 E-buck that equals 1$ or 1,000 gold and is really cheap for that huge amount of experience.
For entering this Dungeon you need to take a map from Mapkeeper Ming (an old man on a donkey) near the middle of aswell you can find him on the map with the auto-patcher by clicking M. The map is free and after you got it you go to Dispacher Chun and enter Twisted Moon(45-100).
Don’t get scared of the deep red names mobs. If you have the lv 60 armour and weapon you can kill them one by one but after you get better you can go to the middle of them and use the AOE(Area of Efect) Ethyr Skill but just only after you have the armour +4 and weapon too and the HP(Hit Points) around 3.5-4k(3.500-4.000).
Whenever you do and successfully end it you will get a Moon Stone Sigil and Ethirlic of Dragon Blood. The Moon Stone Sigil is used to exchange for Dragon Slayer armour and Weapon(3 sigils for armour chest/helm/boots and 5 sigils for weapon(Scepter). The Ethirlic of Dragon Blood is used to imbune the armour at the blacksmith.

Never forget the lv 90 daily quest
One you are lv 90 you can get a daily quest from Wehn that will lvl you one lvl daily from 90-99. This is a very good quest. It lvls you ONE LEVEL however exp you need daily.

Eh…, this was my guide about maven, a basically guide. I consider it useful and when ever you need extra help you can find me in game(name Zooky, Fort Phoenix)
Thank You!